A Day in the life of selling on Amazon

A Day in the life of selling on Amazon

Have you ever thought of selling on Amazon? Have you ever wondered how to start or if it is complicated?


In this blog, I am going to cover selling from my Amazon store

I have been selling on Amazon for a number of years now, covering a range of items and currently selling the Bottlepops range

This isn’t going to be an article covering another get rich quick scheme. Finding the product to make you £Ms is not easy.  

Setting up an Amazon Store and stocking your first product is actually a very easy task. Amazon has made this whole process very simple as you would expect from this customer focussed company.

Setting up an Amazon listing is an offering that I have and is why I feel it’s important that I demonstrate my capabilities by running an active Amazon store. I also partner with a photographer who can produce fantastic product listing images on a white background as required by Amazon.

I have used the Amazon FBA service (fulfilment by Amazon) & I post my products sold on Amazon myself using Royal Mail.  

The Amazon charging mechanism it’s very simple:

For each sale you pay a fee preview which is applied in both cases. 

An additional Amazon FBA fee if you are using Amazon to post for you & handle customer care.

I will give you a real-life example below of the difference using two of my items that I sell. It actually shows that Amazon FBA can be the cheaper option.

Personally, I’m currently sending on my own. I’m selling these products on other sites and this enables me to centrally control my stock.

Bottlepops Image

Our Picture

Posting Myself

  • £2.09 Fee Preview
  • £2.90 Postage using Royal Mail Click & Drop
  • £0.30 Printing packaging slips & packaging of product (estimated)
  • £5.39 Total

Using the Amazon FBA Offering

  • £2.09 Fee Preview
  • £2.14 Amazon FBA Fee
  • £0.10 shipping using UPS to Amazon. It is easier to use UPS as they handle everything for you.
  • £4.33 Total
  • Note that you will need to pay £30 per month for this service & a storage fee. If you are a small scale seller this will eat into your monthly revenue.

Below is an example of where I have sent 3 items out that were sold on Amazon.

I receive an alert from Amazon following each sale. I then have 2 days to post the item. 

Within each envelope I need to include the Amazon Packing Slip. 

On the front of the envelope I attach the Royal Mail Order label. When you drop this at the local Post Office they scan it and give you a receipt. 

After you have dropped off the packages at the Post Office you then go into your Amazon account and click the button that say package sent and job done.

Printing the Packaging Slips & the Royal Mail Postage Order Labels.

Everything packaged up & ready to drop into the local Post Office.

The most important part of selling on Amazon is to make sure your listing looks good & uses the correct keywords in the background of your seller account.

Amazon has many online sessions on this or you can speak with me 🙂 Below I have cut out 2 parts of a listing I have running.


Building a strong product listing

Making sure you have a detailed product Description using HTML

Below is a quick video I built, covering Product Descriptions. 

This was created to help Southern Home Furnishings.

Hopefully it can help you. 

In Conclusion:

I would always recommend using Amazon for your e-commerce activities. Amazon is a market leader and why would you not want to get involved. 

If you want help, then our joint venture with Skinny Cat Photography might be the solution for you. Together we can take professional pictures of your products & produce an excellent listing for you on Amazon! I have been doing this for my own products & gained years of experience within this field. Turn around time is 24hrs from receiving the product & prices start at £125 for photo & listing.

All of my services (including getting your products on to Amazon) receive a free 30-60 min telephone or video call. This initial consultation is 100% without obligation. You’ll simply receive whatever advice I can give and get a fixed price quote if you request. 

You'll simply receive whatever advice we can give and a fixed price quote if you request it.

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