Don’t Use Facebook To Hard Sell​

Don’t Use Facebook To Hard Sell​

Don't Use Facebook To Hard Sell

When using Facebook to market, you need to understand how it differs from other media. You shouldn’t market on Facebook the way you would market in a magazine because people use Facebook as an escape and where they can have a fun and social space to interact with friends. Therefore, you should join conversations and become part of a community rather than aggressively selling. your aim is to get people to follow you not unfollow, therefore if you own a friendlier page instead of business focused this can help.

Within your business you want to set clear goals such as selling a certain amount of your product or gaining more clients, it’s the same with social media. You need to create clear goals when using facebook. If your goal is to increase your sales by 15% in the next five months then you could achieve this by:

  • Using a coupon code so your sale can be tracked to facebook
  • Special of the day posts every morning or evening
  • Posting a daily photo featuring a customer
  • Encouraging others to post photos relating to your business

Be patient with relationships on Facebook:

It may take time to build good relationships with other users on Facebook so ensure that you are engaging sincerely by providing useful content and develop rewards for your loyal customers.

Using Facebook insights:

Facebook Insights can tell you more about the people who choose to like your page. Once you know your Facebook friends’ characteristics, you can adapt your posts to meet their interests.

Your Facebook insights will offer you an average age range that follows your Facebook account. So if your age range is 15-20 years, then make sure that you are posting content relevant to them and what meets their interests as they will be the most likely audience viewing.

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