Building your Google My Business Listing

Building your Google My Business Listing

Building your Google My Business Listing

In this article, I will cover setting up your Google Business Listing.  

I honestly believe that setting up a Google Business Listing is the best place to start when you are trying to attract customers to your business/services. 

Google guides you through the entire process and it’s absolutely free, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity? 

The picture below is an example of what you will see when visiting the site. 

This is the first area that I advised businesses to implement & improve.

My advice to get your Google Business Listing up and running before you have your first landing page or website.

As you can see in the example below I have typed IT Services and my company has come out on the top of the local business listings (thankfully).

Searching Google for Surrey Hills IT Services

When you first set up your Google Business Listing, you may need to confirm your address. This is a very simple process as Google will mail you a letter. When you receive the letter you just type follow the 3 simple steps as listed below.

After you have set up your initial Google my business listing there are many ways to continuously improve it.

keeping your listing up-to-date with regular posts is vital. You can just copy the content that you use on other channels.

I’ll cover the more advanced items such as Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, & Analytics in a dedicated upcoming article. 

For me it is as critical to build a Google Business Listing as it is to sell products on Amazon if that’s your business area (which we have a few year’s experience in if you need help).

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