How To Use IGTV – Instagrams New Offering – (And Why It Matters)

How To Use IGTV – Instagrams New Offering – (And Why It Matters)

How To Use IGTV – Instagrams New Offering – (And Why It Matters)


As over one billion people use Instagram every month, this is an amazing way to gain and stay In touch with customers. Whether you are an owner of a large or small business, Instagram is a great way to boost your following to ensure your customers are viewing your page as much as possible. Picture posts are a great way of catching the attention of customers, however, videos capture the product/ service that the business is trying to sell.

Instagram has released a new segment called IGTV. This allows you to stream and upload videos from 15 seconds to ten minutes long, with larger and verified accounts being able to upload videos up to 60 minutes long. Keep reading to find out how to upload longer videos that your consumers will enjoy.

Uploading Your Video:

  • To post a video on IGTV you have to create a channel simply by tapping in the top right of feed or open the IGTV app.
  • Click the settings button towards the right of the page in the middle.
  • After clicking it will come up with a create channel option, click this and keep clicking next to create your channel.
  • Click the plus button when you want to upload a video.

Cover Photo:

Although the title and description are both crucial aspects of this video, make sure the cover photo you choose gives away as much information as possible about what they are about to watch as this will make the viewers decide whether they want to watch this video.


important to give your video a short but sweet title that states what the video is based on. Also, ensure the title matches the cover photo, for example, this post about the Bumblebee run by @hireacamaro anchors the picture of the race.

How To Use IGTV – Instagrams New Offering – (And Why It Matters)


Descriptions allow the viewers to understand in more detail what this video is about and gives a chance to link other videos or to use tags. In order to engage your consumers you can give your POV which can create visceral or emotional reactions. When scrolling through instagram viewers are unlikely to read your description word for word, therefore, make it easy to scan by stating only what is necessary. 


Written by Imogen Shanks 

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