How to use Snapchat to promote your business

How to use Snapchat to promote your business

How To Use Snapchat To Promote Your Business

Snapchat is a very useful way of promoting your business for free. It is always useful to know that what you are advertising is being viewed and shared which you can see through using Snapchat. How can you get the most out of using Snapchat for marketing?

  • Well you can create snapchat stories which you can decide whether to be globally shared or just with your followers. If you add content to your story on a daily basis this will allow your followers to see your content daily and keep your brand fresh in the minds of your followers. However, make sure you don’t post on your story too much in one day as people will skip over your posts as they have many stories to view every day.
  • You can also promote your snapchat account on your other marketing channels. This will help you get followers of you target audience instead of just getting followers that will not react to your posts. For example, you can use your Instagram or Facebook bio to promote your snapchat, just like how people magazine has done:

This is really important for you, especially if you just created a Snapchat account for your company. Nobody’ll know you have an account unless you tell them.

Tell your email subscribers to follow you on Snapchat and pitch it on your website too.

The more channels you promote it on, the greater the chance of getting more followers you’ll have

  • You can use a sponsored snapchat filter known as a snap lens. This means that anyone around the area of you business event/ location or even just you followers no matter where they are can use a filter that you have created. For example if you are hosting a car show, you can create a filter with your company’s name and a filter to go with it for people to take pictures with. It is estimated that sponsored filters are seen by 16 million users each day as they are wanting to have creative photos. All of these were created to make users have more fun. They’ll send a snap to their friends with one of these filters because it’s entertaining and often humorous. For instance, look at this example of taco bell’s sponsored filter:
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