Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

Within this blog, I will cover content marketing and the Social Media Conversation Cycle.

Personally, I believe It is key that your marketing efforts are aimed to provide value rather than selling all the time. Take this blog, I have written it to provide value & am not trying to get you to buy my services.

All too often I see businesses constantly promoting their products and trying to sell, rather than creating a social media conversation and therefore growing their online community. In the following posts, I’ll talk about Sales Funnel which is ket for a business that wants to sell online.

The diagram below contains a high-level view of the Social Media Conversation cycle. You could view the overall diagram as your Social Media Strategy.

As you can see in the picture above, on the left-hand side, we have social media accounts, feeding into the social media conversation, which then leads through to the growing engagement and then the sales phase. 

Let us cover each section in a little more detail below:

Choosing your social media platform (social networks) depends on what type of business you have. I always suggest having a Facebook business page and an Instagram account for pictures of your products or services. Other platforms come into play depending on the age group of your target audience.

Sprout Social has written a great article on demographics if you need further help in selecting the right platform- https://sproutsocial.com/insights/new-social-media-demographics/

The important part of this picture is the Social Media Conversation Cycle. This is where I’m trying to highlight that you need to create good quality content that is of real value.  This then helps build a social conversation with your community. Executing this consistently and frequently then grows your community. The point here to try and underline the fact that it’s sharing good content not continuously trying to sell your products.

Following this, you will grow your engagement and community and ultimately this will lead to more sales in the long run.

Great content also helps with your SEO.

The diagram below digs a little deeper into the Social Media Conversation cycle

Using the picture above we can dig a little deeper and see a number of social media platforms in the top left-hand corner.  Content is the information within the post or article that you share on your social media platforms and websites. Content is aimed at educating, informing or entertaining customers/prospects by great inattention or causing behavior that results in growing engagement driving leads and sales through your organisation.

The social media conversation starts when the customers/prospects interact with your content.This is when it’s key for you to make sure you reply to your community and join in the conversation (great customer service). Social media management tools are great to help manage engaging with your audience, rather than you needing to go onto the native tools.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the picture, I have the pillars of Social Media Conversation which creates real value, customers/prospects view your content and the consistency in the frequency of posting your content.

How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking

A couple of examples of interacting with your audience:

Example showing a good use of social media. Hertz here are interacting with me when I landed a while ago and hired a car from them in #Houston. If you’re going to use social media it’s vital that you connect. This is a very good customer service example. I find most large companies now respond to twitter messages really quickly. This is known as Social Listening. You can set up your social media tools to listen out for some keywords…

Example here of a bulk standard reply. Directing me to a page where I can look up flight details. No real personal interaction on this tweet. If you’re going to use social media it’s vital to connect.

Visit the Toastmaster site for the checklist covering this role –


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