Surrey Hills Digital Business Accelerator.

Surrey Hills Digital Business Accelerator.

Surrey Hills Digital Business Accelerator - 6 week course

Welcome to my 6-week course that takes you through the steps to build your digital presence from the ground up!
We will cover many topics from Websites, Goggle, Social & everything In between.

Surrey Hills Digital Business Accelerator – 6 week course

You will need just a few hours each week to follow this course. We will meet up every Thursday evening & I’ll walk you through the following weeks assignments (this will be recorded incase you can’t make a Thursday session). I will be available for 1 on 1 sessions throughout the 6 weeks. 

Throughout this course I will be using the Buster lang LTD business as a Case Study whereas you will be using your own business.

The content of the course will cover the following items:

  1. Website build (example – https://busterlang.co.uk)
  2. Shopify build (example – https://buster-lang.myshopify.com) & display Shopify products on website
  3. How to build content. This cover Blogs & Social Media platforms
  4. Facebook Business page (example – https://www.facebook.com/BusterLangLTD) & display Shopify products on page
  5. Instagram page – (example – https://www.instagram.com/busterlang1955)
  6. Set up Google Analytics for your website. This will track and report website traffic.
  7. Set up Facebook Pixel so that people who visit your website & Shopify store can be retargeted on Facebook. Set up a simple FB ad to drive more business
  8. Build a Google Ad for your business and be found in more searches to grow your business
  9. Set up Google AdSense on your website so that you can earn money with website monetisation
  10. Website SEO Checker & Competitor Research – using SEMrush tool
  11. Set up Hubspot & install the chat interface onto website
  12. Set up subscribers on your website. Smarter Push Notifications For Desktop And Mobile

You could search YouTube for tutorials on all the above items that I will be covering and teach yourself. That exactly how I have leant over the past few years. 

Below are 3 high level slides showing the interlocks of having an Online Digital presence.

Google Offerings View

This view aims to demonstrate the flow of Google offerings that I currently use.
(1) It is vital to build a great Google Business Listing.
(2) Building Google Analytics to view campaigns & traffic. This is where you will need to use the Campaign URL Builder for links.
(3) Adding Google AdSense to your website will start to bring you revenue. Vital as part of Blogs.
(4) Running Google Ad’s, This should rank you higher than your competitors. Based mostly on Keywords. You choose your daily budget.
(5) Facebook Ad’s can target people who have left your website. The Pixel is very helpful to monitor.

Website high-level View

This view aims to demonstrate a few quick wins for the website
(1) Chat Interface on the site. This has proven successful for a past client of mine as offers instant answers.
(2) Subscriber Notifications is when you would be able to send a message out. Normally with a new Blog or great offer.
(3) I have an entire article on plugins for the WordPress website. New plugins often come out to improve capabilities.
(4) Building great quality content is key to it all really. Ranking higher, building your community…
(5) Google Products/offerings & Social media are covered on different page.

Website high-level View

This view aims to cover Content & Social Media.
(1) As covered, content is King. It is vital to have engaging content to share with prospects & the community
(2) This example shows how you can pull in another income stream using Affiliate marketing. I have the MustangFanClubUK as an example of this.
(3) I always advise to stick with a few Social platforms rather than try everything. YouTube, FB & Instagram I would say are a must.
(4) Your products / ticketing on your website or linking out to a third party. Be really careful here as you can never have enough security. I do not store any client data on my site.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

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