What we do on our days off

What we do on our days off

With juggling the day job, building up what we do here within Surrey Hills IT Services LTD & home life, it is hard to get time to finish off the all the projects.

An important project is our website and over the past few days I have started the it rebuild.

The main criteria for this site:

Loads in under 3 secs,

Google TAG Manager up and running with Analytics, Facebook Pixel & Google Adwords,

Simple for people to navigate,

I’ve looked at a few other sites and have taken what I think works well. 

The top of the front page

Starting out with the load time. I wanted to keep this site as simple as possible so that the load time isn’t delayed with loads of plugins activating & annoying popups.

Next comes the Google Tag Manager. After a while, this becomes quite easy to do even with the new versions that come out, however, I found a YouTube  guide which is a great video taking you through step-by-step this entire install and configuration process.

Simple to Navigate. some professional website design and build companies charge thousands of pounds in this area.  they will no doubt have teens of developers and designers building up a site from scratch. what my aim is here is to demonstrate the anybody can actually build their own site and if need be employing a Freelancer to assist.

I wanted a picture at the top to explain what we do.  I’ve seen this model on a few websites which work well.  I think our niche area here is a lot wider than most other sites to find it easier to explain.

Next very simple toolbar at the top of the page not overwhelming the visitor with too many options.  if using a mobile you view toolbar by selecting little hamburger icon. all of our social media accounts free tidily visible on the menu bar.  I’ve tried staying away from pop-up plugins in this instance as I find them annoying and believe visitors would also.

I’ve also selected as slightly darker background and made my content boxes white so that there’s just a little stand out feature box.

Now on this site, I’ve built a pricing page to give people a full the order of magnitude costs.  looking at other people within my industry don’t often see this. as a consumer, I like to visit websites and future costs.

Have a few blog articles to write so that I can populate the site with some content and then I think it will be ready for testing.

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